A warning to classic ASP programmers

I have been working on a very large corporate web application using ASP/WSC. The application was very fast and performance was not an issue.
UNTIL we updated our servers a few months ago. Performance went down 400% and IIS hung and crashed very often. The asp pages were slow and unresponsive.

We have been working our butts of to solve the problem, de-installing servicepacks for windows and sql server and in the end re-installing complete servers.
We noticed the difference in the end when we had one IIS server that was fast and had a few updates that another IIS server missed.

These updates were:
– .net 2.0
– .net 3.0
– internet explorer 7 (includes microsoft windows script 5.7)
– msxml6

Although we are not 100% sure which one of these updates breaks classic asp (or at least cripples it), we are fairly sure it is the new vbscript.dll 5.7 distributed with IE7.
I also am not sure if this problem only arises when you use WSC’s in your ASP code or if it is a generic problem in classic asp.
Anyway, removing these four updates resulted in our asp / wsc application accelerating back to the performance we were used to and to the crashes in IIS stopping.

So please if you use classic asp, be careful to install IE7 on your IIS server. At least check performance levels.
Hope this message helps anyone struggling with the same problem, as we were unable to find any leads towards a solution.

I’d also like to hear if any other people are running into these problems and can verify the solution. Specifically, I am curious if this problem only happens on asp using WSC objects, or if it also happens on classic asp websites without the use of WSC.


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4 Responses to “A warning to classic ASP programmers”

  1. fyrye Says:

    Been coding a while in classic asp, as well as hybrid sites .NET/classic
    You should grab filemon from microsoft, launch IIS, and make a call to an asp page from another PC and watch the Server’s execution pattern to see which files are being called and which ones are hanging.
    They also have a cpu monitor to go in deeper to the threaded responses from the cpu.

  2. precompiled Says:

    Hi Fyreye,

    Good idea, I’m familiar with filemon, but we haven’t tried in this case. However, the problem seems to be gone now, we’re really careful not to install IE7 on any servers.

  3. John Says:

    Unbelievable! This completely worked for me. I’m on Server 2008 r2 and I had a page that kept timing out as it called a stored procedure. The stored procedure works fine in studio, so I was stumped. Thank you!

  4. John Says:

    btw– I just uninstalled ie8

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