The biggest problem with (most) MMORPGs is the monthly fee. That doesn’t prevent millions of people from playing World of Warcraft, however, but is IS a pain. I like to play a game daily some weeks, and not at all the next week. In the latter case 12 Euros a month kinda sucks. Now I’m not a big WOW fan, a little too much fantasy for me. I’ve played Star wars : galaxies in the past, which was quite fun, until they decided to bring out the expansion pack you had to buy on top of the monthly fee to be able to travel beyond your current planets. No way.

I’ve stopped MMORPG’s now for a while, due to lack of time, but the last one I played (and propably the forst one I’ll pick up again if I feel like it again) is City of Heroes (or City of Villains, if you consider yourself more of a bad boy or girl.) It’s a classic MMORPG in a city full of heroes and villains. Choose your own type of hero, powers and outfit. I’ve made a few screenshots back in the time I was still playing:

Behold “The Rico Factor”:

In front of City Hall with new outfit, claws out found the ghost ship near Talos island heading for battle with superspeed doing a little dance while waiting for more team members



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